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You probably can't replace College with YouTube/Online resources.


July 09, 2022

Ok, I admit I’m a student and some of my reasoning might be biased! So read with caution 😶

I guess you know that bashing on college/uni has become a norm, Which definitely they deserve & I’m also guilty of doing so. But besides doing full-time jobs & indie hacking on the side, I’m still studying computer science at Uni. And I decided not to drop out either.

Why? Well, I actually made e list 👇

👉 The biggest reasoning I hear against college is the content you learn there is totally free online. Which is 100% true, If just learning about your field is your only priority then college will definitely not be for you. But as I realised in the past couple of years that college isn’t actually for learning! It’s more about the experience!

👉 You get to know different learners, make friends, do networking, and have weird & fun memories.

👉 Being around a large amount of hard-working young people is a privilege. I truly get motivated seeing some of my classmates working hard. Whether it is for getting good grades/running a small business/preparing for a competition.

👉 When You have to schedule yourself for different classes, and exams besides your own personal things (Hobbies/Job/Business..) You learn a lot about time management.

👉 Paying tuition fees every semester hurt a lot, but In a way, it kind of pushed me to manage money better.

👉 It’s a great phase for exploring different stuff. I’m quite certain I will run businesses as a career, but I’m don’t wanna just quit everything and go all in right now. I’m using this student phase as an opportunity to explore things that I care about, whether it is programming/ marketing/ writing/ making videos/ audience building/ gardening or cooking. And tbh I also wanna try out standup comedy sometime next year. Coz why not? In general, you have so less responsibilities as a student and plenty of opportunities to explore.

👉 Graduating can be a great way to give your parents a sense of pride. I don’t know if it’s just an Asian parent’s thing, but my parents really wanna see me graduate.

Now of course this ar just my own “positive” experience and I’m not saying anyone should do college or drop out. I just wanted to share some of my good experiences with college after bashing it all my life. 😶