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I am launching 6 startups in 6 semesters

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May 18, 2022

Getting inspired by Pieter Level’s 12 startups in 12 months and platforms like #BuildSell30, I wanted to kind of do the same. But being a student with a full-time job, I can’t devote that much time to launch a product in such a short period of time!!

But like most other students I also get 2-3 weeks of semester break, 3 times a year! and technically I have 2 more years to complete my degree, So I may just be able to launch 6 products in 6 semester breaks and hopefully can generate some revenue from them. Therefore, I won’t have to depend on salaries after I graduate!

Ok, Here's the plan. I will code like "running a 100m race" during the semester breaks to launch a product. And during the semester "run on a marathon" to do things like research, marketing, bug fixing & feature updates.

(Note: even though I’m announcing this now, I actually started this last semester and already launched a product! So let’s just assume I’m from the past)

Launched Products


launch date: 28th February 2022.
description: Helping students to Study, Work, and Collaborate with Classmates Effortlessly.

Studymerge Cover


launch date: 2nd June 2022.
description: Build your eCommerce right from Notion.

NotionCommerce Cover

Possible Upcoming Products


description: Onlyfans for entreprenours/businesses building in public.


description: Supabase Realtime for Graph Database.

Self Promotion

These are the ideas I have right now. I will be updating this blog when I find or launch a new one. Do subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Twitter to follow my journey.

Ok Bye 👋